Wellness, Independence & Quality of Life in Aging

How to Refer

Behaviour Support System

Referrals to the North Simcoe Muskoka Behavior Support System (BSS) are currently received, reviewed and triaged by the Central Intake Service at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care.  Go to Waypoint Central Intake Service for information and to access a copy of the referral form.

Complex Case Resolution

The CCR process is comprised of two levels of consultation support. All cases will start with a Level 1 Complex Case Consultation.  To initiate a Level 1 Complex Case Consultation please contact Annalee King at aking@nsmsgs.ca or at (705) 417-2192 extension 104.

Prior to initiating a Level 1 Complex Case Consultation it is important to review the Complex Case Resolution guidelines as these may provide some initial support to providers to help with the assessment and management of the case.   

  • The Complex Case Resolution process does not provide crisis support.
  • Existing resources of the NSM SGS program and provider agencies will be used to support the CCR process.